The Orlando Rental Homes Guide To Disney World, Part Two

If you've read our previous article about Walt Disney World, you'll know that our Orlando rental homes are just a short drive from all of the amazing theme parks our metro area has to offer. In the last article, we provided some basics tips for first-time visitors to Walt Disney World, and if you plan on enjoying some fun Disney magic, here are a few more tips to make your trek easier.

1. Stay Hydrated

Whether you are visiting our Orlando rental homes and Walt Disney World during the summer months or doing cooler weather, staying hydrated is key. Rather than spending a ton of money on water bottles in the park, bring in some water flasks and fill them up throughout the day. You can ask for free ice water from any of the cafes in the park that have soda, and then just fill up your water bottles and enjoy.

2. Bring Snacks

Each of our Orlando rental homes includes at least one gourmet kitchen, so you can easily prepare sandwiches and snacks and bring these along rather than waiting in long food lines and paying high prices for park food. Walt Disney World does restrict the size of coolers, bags and backpacks, so be sure whatever you bring into the park is within the size limits. Also, no glass jars are allowed in the park, so if you have baby food, ensure that it is not in a glass jar and bring a soft-sided cooler and not one of the hard plastic coolers, as these also are not allowed.

3. Discover Some Park Secrets

Before you visit, it can be fun to do a little trivia research about the parks. The creators of Walt Disney World have done an amazing job adding hundreds of unique details in every nook and cranny of the parks. For instance, did you know that most of the American flags in the park have fewer than 50 stars? This is because flags with 50 stars must be taken down during rain or poor weather and also must be illuminated at night, and by using flags with less than 50 stars, the staff at the parks don't have to worry about these issues. The designers also have hidden hundreds of Mickey Mouse images throughout the park. Consider seeing which of your group can find the most!

4. Strollers Are Essential

Obviously, if you have toddlers or infants, you need to either bring or rent a stroller, but few children, from about ages 3 to 5, can handle walking around the park all day without exhaustion. Your life will be much easier and there will be far fewer complaints if you simply bring a stroller for these younger children. It also can be wise to go early, take a break during the busy afternoon hours and then return later in the evening. If you need a break but don't want to leave the park, consider taking in a show or perhaps riding the railroad, which is the only ride in the park that you can ride again and again without disembarking.

5. Study Up On Parade Times

Obviously, if you want to view one of Disney's fabulous parades, you will want to learn the parade times. If you have no interest in the parades, it is still wise to learn the times. Certain areas of the park will be very crowded during these times, so you will want to avoid parade routes. During parades, you also might find that ride lines are shorter, so this can be a good time to take advantage of shorter lines.

6. Adjust Your Eating Schedule

If you wish to purchase your meals at the park, rather than pack a lunch, there are some tasty options. However, it can be smart to think about your mealtimes. Most people typically will grab lunch between about 11:30-1:30 and dinner from 5-7. This is when the restaurant lines are at their peak, so if you can eat lunch and dinner later, not only will you avoid long food lines, you might find that there are some shorter ride lines around the park, as well.

7. Bring A Poncho & Embrace The Rain

Let's face it, Orlando's weather can be a tad unpredictable and rainstorms aren't exactly uncommon during many months of the year. Pack some cheap plastic ponchos to keep yourself as dry as possible and consider toughing it out and staying in the park during a shower. Many people will leave during the rain, but many rides will still remain open, so it can be a fantastic opportunity to enjoy shorter lines, provided you don't mind the damp.

To learn more, check out our previous blog article, which offers a list of helpful planning tips as well as information about the best times to visit the parks, typically off-season and mid-week.

Of course, our four Orlando rental homes are so fabulous that you might not need to visit Walt Disney World at all. Each home includes dozens of amenities, such as video game arcades, luxury swimming pools, movie theaters and wild attractions such as a laser maze, an escape room, a giant human foosball court, lakeside fishing and much more.

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