Vacation Home Rentals in Orlando - The Ever After Estate's lagoon pool - rent this vacation home!

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At One Of These
Vacation Homes/Luxury Estates & Retreats?
Weekends start as low as about $35 per person when you bring 45 or more guests to stay! The Sweet Escape vacation retreat gets as low as $1195 per night during the off-peak season and $1395-$1545 per night during peak season. Great Escape Lakeside vacation retreat is $1395-1545 off-peak and $1595-1745 during peak.  Ever After Estate vacation retreat is $2985-3135/night most of the year. Departure cleaning for all properties is $888, taxes are 11%, and the amenities fee is a flat $288-$388. The weeks of Thanksgiving and Xmas/New Year's are special times--with rates for all  properties starting at $2895-$3535 per night. Occasionally, you'll find last minute specials listed on the Facebook pages or websites of each estate; This typically occurs when there is a last minute cancellation and/or a gap in the calendar to be filled. You can get an immediate and exact price quote on our Rates & Availability page.

When Is Peak Season?
Typically, peak season runs from Memorial Day weekend through the end of the 3rd weekend in August (around the early August 20s)... "Mid" season runs from the middle of February through late April and most of October. Although we still get quite busy at other times, the rest of the year is considered non-peak! Use our "Rates & Availability" calculator to price out YOUR desired dates! Our general nightly rates posted here are just a guideline and they do fluctuate based on demand & availability. Rates for The Ever After Estate and The Lake Louisa Chateau tend to be pretty consistent through all seasons.


What Is The Booking Process?
Simple! Use the "RESERVE" button on this site (or the websites for Great Escape Lakeside, Great Escape Parkside, Sweet Escape, The Lake Louisa Chateau, or Ever After Estate). You can make a deposit towards your vacation retreat reservation by credit card, check, wire, or direct deposit into one of our accounts. We'll also email you a rental agreement to make your booking official. (You'll then be able to email your signed rental agreement to us or upload it via our client reservation manager.)


The Sweet Escape Vacation Rental - Pool Home near Orlando, Florida

Ballpit in a house ! - At The Sweet Escape Mansion Vacation Home Rental near Orlando, Florida

How Far In Advance Can I Book?
As far in advance as you like! Most clients book 8-14 months in advance but some book 3 years in advance...while others manage to book at the very last minute! If you're sure about the dates you want, book them as soon as you can...before somebody else does! Check out ONE calendar that covers ALL of our homes HERE!


Can I Have A Wedding or Large Event On These Properties?
YES!...but if you plan to have more than 55 people attend, you'll need to do it at either The Ever After Estate (click here for EA's wedding info page), The Great Escape Lakeside (click here for GE's wedding info page), or The Great Escape Parkside (click here for GE Parkside's wedding info page). There will be an event fee if you're staying for fewer than 7 nights and an event insurance policy will be required. Sweet Escape Mansion allows small weddings but also partners with neighboring property "Bridlewood" for much larger ones. See the Sweet Escape wedding page for more details.

Which Of Your Estates Is Best For An All Adults Group?
Which Is Best For Small Children?
We often hear that our website gives the impression that one home may be better suited for families with small children while another is best for groups of adults. Actually, ALL of our estates contain features LOVED by ALL ages. We've had small children, kids, & teens LOVE The Ever After Estate and we've had all-adult corporate groups report having the 'best time of their lives' at The Sweet Escape. The reverse is also true and, of course, all ages have reported LOVING The Great Escape Lakeside, Great Escape Parkside, and Lake Louisa Chateau too! Lots of care has gone into ensuring that all three estates have elements that will prove themselves to be unforgettably amazing for all ages!

The Pitch Perfect Bedroom at The Ever After Estate luxury vacation rental near Orlando, Florida

Which Is Better? Great Escape Lakeside or Great Escape Parkside? Sweet Escape?
The Sports-Themed The Lake Louisa Chateau? Ever After Estate?
There is NO bad choice -- We only represent the BEST in the world! Although Parkside is 3 years newer than Lakeside, both homes offer things that the other does not. Most guests stay at one Great Escape first and then try the other one on their next visit to the area. The MAIN difference is that Lakeside has the lake with kyaks, boats, dock, etc; and Parkside has two extra bedrooms. The next set of differences involves Parkside having two escape rooms and giant inflatable darts while Lakeside has one escape room but has soccer billiards and human foosball. Lakeside has the Mind Games and Pictionary bedrooms whereas Parkside has the Twister, Xbox/PS4, and "Games Gone Wild" bedrooms. Both have thrilling lazy rivers & waterslides but Lakeside's waterslide is a little bigger while Parkside's lazy river is a little bigger. More subtle differences would include Lakeside having the Pac-Man themed bedroom and Parkside having the Ms.* Pac-Man themed bedroom. It's virtually impossible to have a bad time at either location! Sweet Escape has VR gaming, a huge* family night club, indoor sauna, and multiple kitchens while massive estates like The Chateau and The Ever After Estate are on dozens of acres providing entire retreats!


The GO FISH pool and Lazy River at Great Escape Lakeside near Orladndo, FL - The ultimate vacation home rental

Do These Estate Vacation Home Rentals Come With Linens?
How About Kitchenware & Utensils?

Absolutely! There are plenty of sheets, pillows, towels, etc; Of course, we also have silverware service for dozens and dozens and dozens of guests, plenty of makers & Keurigs...and more!

Do You Offer Military or Florida Resident Discounts?
Sorry, we don't have any such program! Those types of discounts are generally associated with hotels that have many, many rooms and are therefore able to designate a certain number of those rooms for various discount programs like AAA, Military, etc;. In contrast, we manage elaborate vacation home rental estates . When you book one of our properties, you get the ENTIRE place all to yourselves. Thus, there exists no "set of rooms" we can discount---since you're essentially renting ALL rooms and ALL areas of our home!



The Pac-Man bedroom at The Great Escape Lakeside luxury vacation home rental near Orlando, Florida

What If I Want Someone To Do The Cooking For Us
While We're There?

Several catering/chef services are approved to work at the properties we manage --and all have consistently received rave reviews from our guests. You can see a list HERE. The links also includes referrals for talented massage therapists, photographers, and other entertainment.

Are The Ever After Estate, Great Escape Lakeside, Great Escape Parkside, The Lake Louisa Chateau, and Sweet Escape House close to each other?
All 3 homes are located around the Clermont, FL area--just outside of Orlando and pretty close to the major attractions. Great Escape Lakeside & Great Escape Parkside are so close to each other that you can walk between them in minutes. Ever After Estate is exactly a 5k run from GE Lakeside's front gate and The Chateau on Lake Louisa is just about the same. Sweet Escape is about 15 minutes north of those four estates (by car...not by foot!)...


Do You Offer Any Trip Insurance?
We refer our clients to an affiliate who provides multiple options for Trip Insurance to protect your deposit in the event you have to cancel last minute (i.e. due to health reasons). Click HERE to see your options.

What If Our Organization Is Sales Tax Exempt?
No problem! You'll be able to checkmark "sales tax exemption status" on our reservation form and then upload your tax exempt form via our client reservation manager.


Play human foosball at The Great Escape Lakeside - a vacation home rental near Orlando, FloridaCan I Visit The Homes Prior To Booking?
Occasionally, we do allow site visits between guests. Most tours last approximately 45-60 minutes. The fee is $285 and $200 of that amount is refunded to you at booking. To reserve one, please use the "Contact Us" link to find out what's available. Alternatively, you can see any of our estates VERY clearly by going directly to the home website for the estate in which you're interested and hovering your mouse over 'PHOTOS.' From there, simply select any room or area of the estate to view photographs, videos and even 360 degree, fully interactive virtual tours. You can also familiarize yourself with the layout of any of our estates by clicking the FLOOR PLAN button on that estate's home page OR by emailing us for one!


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