Luxury Vacation Rentals In Orlando

When you search for luxury vacation rentals in Orlando, you probably have an image of a large upscale home set on a substantial property with tons of amenities. The reality tends to be a nicely furnished large house with a small swimming pool and neighbors about 10 feet away on other side. We believe that if you are paying for luxury, then you truly deserve a luxury experience and that's precisely what we offer.

Spacious Accommodations

Our clients include large families and groups of friends traveling together as well as many corporate groups. At most luxury vacation rentals in Orlando, it's hard to find homes large enough to accommodate large groups of 10, 20, 30 or more guests comfortably.

Each of our four luxury vacation rentals in Orlando can sleep 45 to 52 people comfortably. Each home includes at least 10 bedrooms and plenty of bathrooms. Too often, typical "luxury"rentals don't have enough beds and people end up on air mattresses or in sleeping bags, taking up space in the living areas. If you are paying for luxury, you should expect proper accommodations for your guests and we definitely deliver on that score. Additionally, the homes are set on properties that range in size from five acres up to 62 acres, so there's plenty of privacy for you and your guests.

The Basic Amenities

At a hotel, even the posh ones, you are still crammed into a small room and the amenities don't typically extend beyond a mini fridge, a microwave and a coffee pot. At our luxury vacation rentals in Orlando, each property includes at least one fully-stocked gourmet kitchen as well as an outdoor kitchen. You'll find everything you need to prepare everything from a casual cookout to a fabulous gourmet meal and anything in between. You'll also find plenty of towels (including towels for outdoor pool use), sheets and laundry facilities.

Again, at most luxury rentals and certainly at luxury hotels, the rooms aren't ideal for groups traveling together, but each of our homes includes multiple large living spaces where people can mix and mingle and relax, indoors and outdoors. If some people want to turn in early, others can hang out all night with ease.

This is especially ideal for families with young children, who often are forced to turn in when their kids turn in. At our homes, you can tuck them into bed and head downstairs for some adult time with the peace of mind that comes with staying in a private home rather than a hotel or resort.

Beyond The Basics

Of course, our luxury vacation rentals in Orlando also offer a huge list of amenities that you won't find anywhere else in Orlando or Florida or just about anywhere else. For instance, most luxury rentals include a swimming pool, but do they include waterslides, waterfalls and lazy rivers? Our luxury homes include massive swimming pools that you have to see to believe.

For instance, our Sweet Escape rental includes the world's only ice cream cone-shaped swimming pool and the attached hot tub is literally the cherry on top. The enormous pool at our Great Escape Parkside includes a waterslide, water cannons and a lazy river. The Great Escape Lakeside also a 40,000-gallon pool with a huge waterslide and a lazy river. Finally, our Ever After Estate offers a lush waterfall-fed swimming pool with a waterslide in a tropical lagoon setting.

But, wait, there's more. Other outdoor amenities include volleyball, basketball and tetherball courts as well as playgrounds. We also include unique features such as a human foosball court, human bowling, a trampoline, 9-hole mini golf courses and perhaps even fishing and kayaking.

That's just what you will find outdoors. We pack the interior of each home with a myriad of wild and crazy amenities, as well. Each home boasts a luxury home theater, as well as arcades stocked with new and vintage games, air hockey and foosball tables. You'll also find laser mazes, escape rooms and other completely unique features.

Additionally, we've decorated each guest bedroom individually with a different theme in mind. Some feature posh, romantic décor while others are bit more whimsical. For instance, one bedroom boasts a floor that's actually a huge ball pit, which you can access via a slide that comes from the story above. Another guestroom is straight out of Hogwarts, and is decorated to resemble Harry Potter's dormitory room. Another room features a Las Vegas theme with a round, king-sized bed, slot machines and a blackjack table.

If this sounds like the type of luxury vacation rentals in Orlando that you and your group would enjoy, book your stay at any time. Currently, we have three luxury properties available and our fourth, the spectacular Great Escape Parkside, will be available in 2019.

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that The Ever After Estate was featured on HGTV's "Most Outrageous Homes In America," The Sweet Escape was called "..more fun than Disney" by Travel & Leisure Magazine, Great Escape Parkside nearly sold out a year in advance before it even opened, and The Great Escape Lakeside was on Fox News and even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records?!!