Vacation Rental Homes - The Five Top Reasons NOT To Stay At A Hotel...

1. You'll save money. The math is simple! Reasonably nice Orlando hotel rooms for 2-4 people average at least $200 per night plus taxes, resort fees, parking, etc; A 3 night off-peak stay at Sweet Escape begins at $1195 per night + tax & cleaning...but can accommodate families of up to 52 people...That's the equivalent of 13-26 Orlando hotel rooms!!! When you rent a vacation home, you save money AND stay in a nicer, roomier, more unique, and more private location.

2. Even large hotel rooms are still relatively small and cramped. A "nice" Orlando hotel room is about 400 square feet of plainly-furnished living space surrounded by 1 to 5 shared acres of crowded campus. In contrast, our vacation rental homes are each 6,000-8,000+ square feet and nestled on anywhere from 5 to 62 very private acres. When you rent an estate home, it's a lot easier for the whole family to stay together, play, and roam freely. Commercial hotels (and even other Orlando property management companies...) cannot offer anywhere near the level of freedom & privacy found in our estate home rentals. Consider, for example, The Ever After Estate--- 8,400 square feet of fun sitting on its own private 62 acre marsh island!

3. More amenities means you'll save money on entertainment costs.  Hotels in Orlando are expensive. After you add in resort fees, parking fees, &'ll have to factor in the high costs of restaurant meals, activities, and entertainment. If your entire group is staying at a hotel, the price of dinner and a movie...or dinner and any area significant. In contrast, vacation rental homes like The Great Escape Lakeside & The Great Escape Parkside have all-inclusive commercial grade amenities within. At either Great Escape, for example, your group can play one of the world's first residential laser mazes or even try your skills at world-class Escape Room Game challenges (these two attractions alone would cost a group of 40 people nearly $1,500 to do at commercial establishments in Orlando!). At Lakeside, there's a TV game show studio, karaoke, waterslide, boating, fishing, human foosball, and more. At Parkside, there are many of the same amenities plus the human never-be-BOARD game, giant soccer darts, and an extra escape room. Your whole family can spread out and enjoy days of entertainment without having to leave home--at a price that works out to be much less than if you had all crammed into a hotel and tried to do nightly outings!

4. Save money on meals (and make them more family-orientated).  All of our Orlando vacation rental homes include multiple kitchens and dining areas; indoors & out! Poolside BBQs or cozy kitchen dinners are far more memorable at home than when you have your group of 20-50 family members spread out at giant, impersonal restaurant tables and....they're far less costly at home too! (Plus, parts of your group can continue to swim & play...leading right up to meal time!)

5. Privacy.  Guests of the vacation rental homes we manage enjoy an unmatched level of privacy. All of our estates sit on pristine, private acreage behind beautiful gates that literally shield you from the outside world and bring you into a realm of fantastic themes and pure vacation relaxation. At most hotels, you have to worry about how you look just as you step outside of your door. The experience of a private vacation rental home --especially one on acreage-- offers incomparable freedom and peace-of-mind during your vacation.

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that The Ever After Estate was featured on HGTV's "Most Outrageous Homes In America," The Sweet Escape was called "..more fun than Disney" by Travel & Leisure Magazine, Great Escape Parkside nearly sold out a year in advance before it even opened, and The Great Escape Lakeside was on Fox News and even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records?!!