Orlando Area Luxury Rentals LLC Investment Opportunities

We are now considering new homes & relationships of all kinds.
If you're approved, we'll build your own themed vacation rental estate in the Orlando area. It will follow specifications and design concepts true to the spirit of our Great Escape Lakeside & Great Escape Parkside homes and at your option, we'll even manage it for you with the same world-renowned attention to detail. In addition to owning an amazing piece of real estate, investors should benefit from consistently positive cashflow and an excellent return on their investments. To date, all of our houses have been extremely successful and their financial history demonstrates the extreme likelihood of attractive R.O.I. for owners. There is a continued demand from our clients for more estate homes and years of experience have taught us precisely what to build to ensure continued visitors and extremely high guest satisfaction. If you're not looking to build, we can also do themeing, decor, and consulting for estate homes and then have the owners do their own property management as we've done with The Lake Louisa Chateau.

The minimum expense to build, furnish, and decorate a new home of this caliber is USD $1.5 million. Most new builds take just about a year. Remodels/decor/themings typically require 3-4 months. If we're simply theming/remodeling an existing, large home, $350k is a safe budget ($250-$300k in costs, $75k as our labor fee) but it can vary greatly based on how much has to be done to bring your home up to the level to which our clients are accustomed. Our team is highly experienced, unusually talented, and extremely creative. We know what it takes to get the job done property and as quickly as possible so you can start making money sooner. Whichever way you go, at the end of each month, we'll send you a complete rental revenue report and keep only 25% of the gross if we're just doing your advertising/marketing and 40% is we're managing it as well.  Let us fill your calendar with bookings and keep your clients having the vacation experiences of their lives. Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss specific details including scheduling, terms, and the likely rate of return/cashflow.

an Orlando vacation rental
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an Orlando vacation rental
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an Orlando vacation rental
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that The Ever After Estate was featured on HGTV's "Most Outrageous Homes In America," The Sweet Escape was called "..more fun than Disney" by Travel & Leisure Magazine, Great Escape Parkside had a multi-page feature done on it in a major Hearst magazine...and The Great Escape Lakeside was on Fox News and even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records?!!